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Tours on Mount Galunggung Tasikmalaya

Galunggung is a volcano located in the regions of Tasikmalaya, West Java. This mountain has an altitude of 2,184 mdpl Galunggung, distance from the town center of Tasikmalaya about 18-20. sleeping volcano this attractiveness of outstanding natural scenery, the crater that once spewed hot lava, sand and rocks, have now been turned into a sort of vast lakes with clear water. Tours on Mount Galunggung, PAL will see beautiful natural Scenery and enjoy the fresh mountain air.
Attractions in Mount Galunggung

Sightseeing in Galunggung then mandatory to PAL mount Galunggung, to reach the crater PAL have to climb the steps of which there are approximately 620 stairs. In addition to enjoying the crater lake from above, my friend can also go down to the bottom to enjoy the lip of the crater. For going down toward the lip of the crater PAL should be careful because the path is steep and the amount of sand, under a buddy could do the existing fishing activity in the crater lake. The fish was originally purposefully spread toxic or whether to find out the water of the Lake, the water is not known to be toxic after spreading seeds of fish do a lot more. The area below is also commonly used for camping, so for my friend who like to camp in this area of galunggung was able to use as a place of camping. This is also what the River from resapan Crater Lake, water tunnel toward the river Cibanjaran and Cikunir, Mosque, as well as some sort of a small meditation cave.

Ladder Mount Galunggung

Attractions in other Galunggung is a hot spring facility complete with swimming pool and hot tub soak, there is also a children's playground and saung ranggon place buddy rest while enjoying stock PAL admits. Other activities, PAL could stroll into the forest exist around the crater lake.

GalunggungTransportasi Hot Spring
For the PAL who carry private cars can go straight to the area attractions in Mount Galunggung, from the direction of Bandung late Ciawi, in front of the old Indihiang Market, turn to the right. Well, for my friend who doesn't use private vehicles from the terminals of the PAL was able to use the city Transport Department of terminal-galunggung-singaparna. If you don't want to bother, PAL can Charter transportation to get to the final dismissal of galunggung, City Transit buddy can ride motorcycle taxis or on foot to get to the parking lot.
Attractions in Galunggung offers natural charm of the mountains make an alternative choice of PAL to make a tour of nature. Another time Indonesia Tourism dot info will review other tourist attractions located in the area of structures in the East. Happy Traveling ...:)

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